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Selling Your Cards

Cooperstown Sportscards buys many private collections of vintage sports cards. We will make an honest assessment of the value of a collection based on the cards and their condition. We pay fairly and quickly. Most people that sell their collections to us are referrals from other collectors who have sold to us in the past!

If you are interested in selling your cards to us, please contact us via email or give Tony (269-365-4009) or Isaac (262-227-1118) a call. Please give us any information you have about your cards. If you don't have a clue, that's all right, too. Once we figure out what cards you have in your collection and determine the condition, we will make the best possible offer we can. Since we deal exclusively online and through private deals with our customers, we can usually offer a higher price than traditional dealers.

We specialize in 1950’s and 1960’s Vintage Baseball Cards. If you are not looking to sell your cards, but to buy some, we have Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, and Football. Did the Stanley Cup Finals bring back memories of your favorite hockey player? We also sell Hockey sports cards, as well as Golf and other miscellaneous sports.

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